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  • Listening to: Instrumental Core
  • Reading: Mistborn Trilogy
  • Watching: Ghost Adventures and Top Gear
  • Playing: Adobe Premiere
  • Eating: Dinner
  • Drinking: Hefeweizen
In case you have been wondering what I have been doing recently, I have been working on finishing off my Emerald City Comic Con and Sakura Con cosplay videos. I have finished off all of the ECCC ones and am currently working on the second Sakura Con cosplay video. I will post links to them here eventually.
When these are all finished, I plan on putting together another "Ghosts of" episode... or two!

My "Book of Stabby" is on Go check it out and snag a copy!
Books are $11 through and $11 through me plus shipping.

Commission Info:
Pencil sketches (without shading): $20 (bust or full body)

Pencil sketches (with shading): $25 (bust or full body)

Inked pictures: $25 (bust or full body)

Toned pictures: $50

I will take commissions for the time being. I am busy with work, raising a kid, spending time with the wife and, of course, Warcraft. 
1) Open
2) Open
3) Open
4) Open
5) Open

If you want a picture, please contact me and send reference shots. I will NOT even think of doing porn cause I don't want to hear what your sick little fantasies are. Prices listed above are for single characters. If you want more in the picture, I can do that but will charge extra.

See ya next time, Space Cowboy!
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